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Jumpstart Your Healing Journey Today!

So many sufferers don’t know where to start on their healing journey!

Do you do this….or do you do that? But...what about this?? It can be overwhelming right?

That said, we wanted to come up with an EASY and NO-PRESSURE starting point for YOU.

So, we came up with the EAT THE SUNLIGHT Starter Kit!



Jumpstart Your Health Journey!
Forget the pressure of starting a program…

Or over-paying to see an alternative health practitioner….

Just get the ETS STARTER KIT and spend a month or so to see what’s right for you!

Order a Starter Kit & Receive...

The Book
In Kevin's critically acclaimed flagship book, you will learn the what’s, why’s, and how’s of healthful foods as you adapt a natural eating practice that promotes a pain & drug-free life (DIET). You will learn how the mind operates so you can effectively manage stress and break addictions as you discover a life full of self-control (De-Stress). And you will learn the fundamentals of cleansing your insides naturally as you remove unwanted impurities (Detox). This life changing book has a value of $24.99
The Daily Cleanser Tea
You will receive a 1 month supply of our most popular tea blend, The Daily Cleanser. We suggest drinking this medicinal tea 2-3 times daily to fully help you. This tea has a value of $27
De-Stress Course
Stress is the silent killer that slows down your lymphatic system and speeds up your mind! In his book, Kevin W. Reese teaches that all 3 D's (diet, de-stress, detox) need to be in balance in order for healing to take place. So take this opportunity to learn from Kevin himself on how to de-stress in 7 days! The value on this class is $47
PLUS: As a Bonus
When you order today, you'll get...
a sampler of the Anxiety Helper Tea & the Sleep Helper Tea!
That's a value of $10

That's a Total Value of $109 !!!

But Today...
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