Health Educator & CEO
Kevin has guided and inspired thousands of people to reclaim their health through his seminars, books, and revolutionary programs. Before becoming a health professional, he was an unhealthy on-air host at CBS Radio. After reclaiming his own health, he switched careers and founded EAT THE SUNLIGHT IN 2012.
Operations Manager
Tina suffered from IBS, ulcers, pancreatitis and had a horrible experience with a medical surgery. After doing the ETS120 she was freed from these burdens and became passionate about EAT THE SUNLIGHT. She now assists Kevin with the operations of the organization.
ETS Coach
Keysha's been in the medical field for 20 years with half of those serving as a nurse. In 2013, she found herself sick and tired of suffering from psoriasis, migraines, and fibroids. After working with Kevin she was able to find freedom from her pain and in doing so grew a new passion for EAT THE SUNLIGHT. She now works with the health histories of prospective students and helps current students in the kitchen.
ETS Coach
Amber is a hairdresser who suffered from high blood pressure for 7 years. She also dealt with migraines, cysts and anxiety. After beating these obstacles with the ETS120 program she developed a passion to help others. She now motivates and supports ETS students on a daily basis.