Inside the Sunlight Circle You Can...
  • Prevent or Reverse Chronic Health Issues
  • Stay on Track By Having a Health Coach
  • Rid Yourself of Anxiety
  • Build Relationships With Like-Minded People
  • Break Your Food Addictions
  • Reach Your Fitness Goals
  • Learn to Live With Mindfulness
  • Detox and Repair Your Cells
  • Learn How to Eat and Prepare Plant-Based
What Is the Sunlight Circle?
"It's like a tea club, with the best medicinal herbs on the planet...combined with a wellness center where you can take classes and be supported by a like-minded community." - Kevin W. Reese

Receive Access to Exclusive Programs Like...

Receive The Best Blended Herbal Tea Blends On The Planet!

The Circle is REAL Heath Care!
We Believe in Reversing Causes to Reclaim Your Health...Not Treating Symptoms!

Inside Your 1-Year Membership You Receive...

On-Demand Holistic Programs
Inside the circle, you gain access to all the ETS holistic programs. From the Anxiety Answer and Food Addiction program to the Yoga and Detox programs we have plenty of life-changing courses that can be taken from the comfort of your own home.
Monthly Medicinal Tea
Inside the circle, you receive one of our organic, loose leaf, medicinal tea blends every month. We will even group together and send you herbal protocols depending on what program you're taking at the time! Or, if you aren't taking a program, feel free to order which ever tea you desire. ALSO, Shipping is included inside the United States.
Private Support Group
Inside the circle, each student will gain access to a private Facebook group with others students. In this safe space you will share your victories and challenges with each other. This is where relationships start to build amoung like-minded people.
Online Health Coach
Inside the circle, you'll have your own certified coach to answer questions, motivate you, and support you DAILY inside the private FB group. That means you have a health coach at your fingertips! Sometimes you may even get an unexpected text message from your coach! We're here for your success.
The 3D Audio Book
Inside the circle, you receive Kevin's critically acclaimed book in audio form! This book is the backbone to everything and is the reason we're even here in the first place!
Sunlight Flavor Tea Pack
Inside the circle, you will have exclusive access to our NEW flavor tea pack! This pack comes with strawberry, chocolate, mango and more. Whether you want to take a break from the ETS medicinal teas or you wish to make delicious iced teas, this flavor pack is for you!
Monthly Live Chat
Inside the circle, Kevin will hold LIVE Q&A monthly chats with you directly inside your FB group. This is a great chance to ask the nitty gritty questions with a regenerative detoxification expert and also get updates on the advancements of the circle. We're always growing!
Discount on Sunlight Spices
Inside the circle, you receive a generous discount on our NEW sunlight spices. From Mexican to Caribbean to Italian and Chinese we're ready to bring the sunlight to your kitchen!

Coming Soon to the Circle...

ETS Recipe Library
Eventually, inside the circle you will have a PDF & video library full of delicous plant-based recipes that go with the 8 sunlight spice blends. It's going to be endless!
Sleep Holistic Program
Eventually, inside the circle there will be a sleep / insomnia program so you can make sure you're getting our proper rest.
Hula Hoop Fitness Program
Eventually, inside the circle there will be a fun and productive hula hoop fitness program.
Sunlight Circuit Training
Eventually, inside the circle there will be high intensity interval training circuits that you can do to get ripped from the comfort of your own home!
Guided Meditation Sessions
Eventually, inside the circle there will be guided meditation sessions LIVE inside our private FB group to help you relax and center yourself.
Gardening Program
Eventually, inside the circle, there will be a gardening program and all sorts of homesteading classes so you can start to eat your own food!
Children's Division
Eventually, inside the circle, there will be a children's division based off of Kevin's superhero cartoon character, Sunlight Sonny. This division will be full of fun and educational music, classes and books that will help kids eat more fruits & veggies!

And That Amount Doesn't Even Include the New Programs and Features Coming Soon! Think About It....

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Message From The CEO
"We, as a society, typically spend the first half of our lives making ourselves sick, and then the second half trying to make ourselves unsick. I built EAT THE SUNLIGHT to put an end to this vicious cycle. The mission is for more people to know that they CAN reclaim their health NATURALLY, and in doing so take back their freedom." - Kevin W. Reese