Are You Looking For the Anxiety Answer?

What Is The Anxiety Answer Holistic Program?
It's a natural program that creates an answer for chronic or situational anxiety by combining the power of ancient medicinal tea, a dynamic 12-week e-course and an online support group with your very own health coach.

In This Program You Will:
  • Learn if you have an anxiety disorder
  • Explore your thinking patterns
  • Start to live with mindfulness
  • Learn how to rebuild your adrenal glands
  • Start using cognitive behavior therapy
  • Learn how to fight anxiety with nutrition
  • Start decluttering your comfort zones
  • And Much More...

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Program Features:

Daily Medicinal Tea
You will receive a 3-month supply of the popular Anxiety Helper Tea. This incredible organic, loose leaf tea is blended to support your nervous system and to help rebuild your adrenal glands. You will drink this medicinal tea 2-3 times daily to help you find your anxiety answer.

Weekly e-Course

Every 7 days, you'll have a new webinar class with Kevin as your teacher. Each class averages only 10-minutes and includes such topics as cognitive behavior therapy, decluttering, mindfulness, anxiety disorders, breathing techniques, meditation and more.
Meditation Downloads
Find tranquility and peace with these two 30-minute meditation audio downloads. One MP3 is guided by a professional and the other is instrumental only. Chose what suits you best or alternate them!


A Complimentary Coaching Call
In order to insure your success, you have an opportunity to set up a one-on-on complimentary call with one of our certified health coaches. On this private 50-minute consultation your health coach will support you on your challenges, teach you strategic solutions and motivate you to find that anxiety answer.
In your orientation module, you will receive a printable calendar that tells you when it's module day and more. This tool is great for knowing what day you're on and keeping you on your journey.
Anxiety Scale
In the orientation module, you will be given a PDF that you can print and fill-out to see how bad your anxiety really is on a scale.
We're Seeking...
Motivated anxiety sufferers that are ready to move toward an anxiety-free life by committing to the e-course, drinking the tea and telling their story to inspire others.

Who Is Kevin W. Reese?


Can I Take the Course at My Own Pace?
No, once you open your first module, a new one will be opened every 7 days. This program was designed to be like a college level course to help keep you on pace for results. However, you could purchase today, and not start it till next month. It's just once you start, it doesn't stop.
Do I Have to Change My Diet?
We hope you will slightly. We'll teach you what foods you should remove from your diet and why. And then we'll provide you with a list of quality foods to add to your diet. This change will help to repair your adrenal glands and get your anxiety in order.
Will This Program Really Rid Me Of My Anxiety?
Well, why not!? That's the goal. But it ultimately depends on you. We have to get you to change your thinking and your diet, and that takes work and practice. It won't happen overnight. And this is why this program is 3-months long.
What Kind of Support Will I Get?
We pride ourselves on having the best student support in all of health. You will be able to email, text or call our on-staff health coach at anytime. You may even get a call randomly from him sometimes! We are hear to help you find your answer!
What If I'm on Prescription Drugs?
Please understand, herbs are our original medicine, so they can mix negatively with some modern medicines if taken at the same time. You should talk to your physician about it and let him/her know that you want to try a herbal tea blend geared toward fighting anxiety. You should tell your doctor or pharmacist the ingredients in the tea (Lemon Balm, Peppermint, Hawthorn Berry, Leaf and Flower, Kava Kava, Valerian, Skullcap) to make sure it doesn't counter-act with the drugs you are currently on. This is YOUR responsibility.

This program easily has a value of $997!!!! But Kevin is delivering it at...

ONLY $147

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