About us

Eat The Sunlight started out as a catch phrase used by Kevin W. Reese to categorize foods that didn't need to be altered and could be eaten in a natural state. After a while, it became a movement...and then a brand!

The mission of ETS is to help others live sick-free lives by delivering high-quality medicinal products and top-notch holistic health education.


Kevin W. Reese is a natural health educator, author, and regenerative detox specialist who has guided and inspired thousands of people to reclaim their health through his seminars, books, and growing reach on Facebook.

As a sought-after public speaker, Kevin’s been invited to universities, health expo’s, churches, high schools, children events, and correctional institutions. He’s published three health books, released his own line of medicinal teas and premium spices, and is launching a children’s franchise based around a cartoon health hero.

Reese is a graduate of Eastern CT State University, the International School of Detoxification, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and is currently attending the University of Natural Health working toward a Ph.D.

Before becoming a health professional, Kevin was an unhealthy on-air host at CBS Radio where he interviewed celebrities, hosted concerts, and was known as a “shock jock.” A cigarette smoker with a severe food addiction, he eventually found himself on heart monitors at twenty-eight years old. Tired and fed up, he took control back by losing nearly eighty pounds, quitting smoking, and reversing chronic issues. Through his major shift, he became passionate about natural health and followed his calling. After 12 years as a professional on-air talent, he shocked listeners by retiring from the airwaves to start a full-time health practice where he helped clients with arthritis, migraines, eczema, anxiety, stress, smoking, and much more.

Between Kevin’s fun personality, captivating story, and energetic teaching style, he’s making a positive influence on people from all around the world.