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The EAT THE SUNLIGHT 120 Challenge is a transitional plant-based holistic program created by Kevin W. Reese and is based off his critically acclaimed book, DIET, DE-STRESS, DETOX.

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In This Program You Will:
  • Learn How To Eat Plant-Based
  • Start to Regenerate Your Cells
  • Detoxify Leftover Wastes & Toxins
  • Learn to Handle Stress & Drama
  • Fight Food Addictions
  • Gain More Energy
  • Learn to Resolve Resentments
  • Prevent & Reverse Chronic Issues
  • And Much More...

Inside This Program You Receive :

Daily Medicinal Tea
You will receive a 120 day supply of Kevin's most popular tea...the Daily Cleanser. This incredible organic, loose leaf tea is blended to support kidney function, liver function, and lymphatic moment. You will drink this medicinal tea 3 times daily to help you eliminate your cellular waste during the length of the program.

Monthly Meal Plans & Recipes

Every 30 days during the 120 challenge program you will receive a new and improved meal plan which come with 49 easy to make plant-based, gluten-free recipes that promote healing. Variety will never be an issue with Italian, Caribbean, Mexican, Mediterranean, Chinese, Indian and American Classic recipes ready for you to create in your kitchen.

Weekly e-Course

Every 7 days, you'll have a new webinar class with teachings based off of Kevin's critically acclaimed book, DIET, DE-STRESS, DETOX: The Formula for Reclaiming Your Health & Vitality. The first 8 weeks will focus on Diet, the next 8 weeks will focus on De-Stressing, and the last week you will receive an in-depth look at the ancient method of Detoxification. With each video averaging around 10-minutes and having eye-catching slides, you're sure to learn how to reclaim your health conveniently and astutely.
Private Support Group
You won't be alone! Each student will gain access to a private Facebook group with others taking the 120 challenge. In this safe space you will share your victories and challenges with each other.
Your Own Coach
In order to insure your success, you'll have your own coach to answer questions, motivate you, and support you DAILY inside the private FB group. That means you have a health coach at your fingertips!


Live Seminar Album
Each student will be able to download Kevin's critically acclaimed seminar called ROOT CAUSE: The liberating Truth Behind Chronic Illness which was recorded in front of a live audience in 2014 and is for sale on Amazon for $14.99.
Monthly Q&A With Kevin
Kevin will hold LIVE Q&A chats with you directly inside your FB group every month. This is a great chance to ask the nitty gritty questions with a regenerative detoxification expert.
In your orientation module, you will receive a printable calendar that tells you when it's module day and more. This tool is great for knowing what day you're on and keeping you on your journey.
Accountability Charts
Each module you will receive a weekly accountability chart that you can print out and use to keep yourself on track. Each chart changes with the e-course teachings.

People Are Changing!!! Look At These REAL Screen Shots From Our Private FB Group!

Tina is Losing Weight and Rebuilding Her Pancreas After a Cancer Scare
Awilda's Anxiety is getting better and her sciatica nerve pain is gone! Oh, and she's losing weight!
Grissel is now migraine free, losing weight and is fighting off her RA and Lupus
Keysha's immune   system is stronger, she's losing belly fat and she naturally shrunk her fibroids
Kristin is feeling the changes early!
Jen is feeling the love of the group and the coaching!
Erika's skin issues are getting better and she's losing weight!
Travis has lost 25 pounds!
Amy's chronic cough is gone, Grissels Migraines are gone and Keysha is healing! They were excited on this LIVE Q&A session with Kevin.
We're Seeking...
Motivated sufferers that are ready to move toward a pain & drug-free life by committing to this challenge, following the program, and telling their story on day 120!

In This Unique Program, We Climb The Mountain a Month at a Time!

Who Is Kevin W. Reese?


Can I take the course at my own pace?
No, once you open your first module, a new one will be opened every 7 days. This program was designed to be like a college level course to help keep you on pace for results. However, you could purchase today, and not start it till next month. It's just once you start, it doesn't stop.
What will I eat?
The first month is transitional, this is where Kevin will take something out of your diet and add something in. Many students have a love/hate relationship with this transition because some want to move faster and some want to move slower. But at the end of the bottom level (month 1) you will have a new eating style which is fruits and salads during the day and 1-cooked meal in the evening. That 1-cooked meal will have plenty of delicious recipes that you can choose from to create in the kitchen. After the transition is over, all meal plans are officially free of meat, fish, dairy, bread, gluten, refined sugar and artificial foods. The higher you climb the 120 mountain, the stricter the meal plan becomes and the more raw fruits & veggies you eat In order to detox and promote cellular healing. Of course, after your 120 days you can go back to eating how you want. Or...stay inside our Sunlight Circle. Your call! =)
Will this program heal me of a chronic illness?
We can NOT look inside your body to see what's going on nor do we know your full health history. That said, this program is designed in such a manner to set you off in the right direction of healing. But healing takes time! Kevin has encountered sufferers who have healed in 4 months and some that have healed in 3 years. There are cases where sufferers migraines and nerve pain etc have gone away in only a month. Everyone is different, especially when you consider that many people fall off the wagon a few times with their food choices. But our mission is to make sure you feel better on day 120 than you did on day 1. So the answer to the question is...perhaps!
What kind of support will I get during the 120 days?
You will have access to the SUNLIGHT CIRCLE , which is a private Facebook group full of others students who've taken or are taking the 120 challenge. In the group, you can ask questions, share your victories and share your struggles. Kevin and his team of coaches will also be present to help you out daily. Many have said that this FB group is the highlight of the program because of the overwhelming support. However, If you have something private that you don't want others to know, then you can simply email our support team. We want to be there for you all the way to the top of the mountain!
Will I detox?
Oh yea! Especially if you're a SAD (standard american diet) eater. You're going to be drinking powerful herbs daily and eating much more raw fruits and veggies than you're probably used to. This is going to help remove wastes from your body which can bring forth slight headaches or rashes. If you read Kevin's book and been to his seminars, you know that it's a good thing. The acidic wastes needs to come out, and when it does, sometimes it can be unpleasant. However, the program is designed to go slow as we climb the mountain, so the chances of you having to take a day off from work because of flu-like symptoms are slim. Whether you detox slightly or a lot, this is why the FB support group is so awesome. You won't be alone, and Kevin has been there and done that a hundred times over.
What if I'm on prescription drugs?
Please understand, herbs are our original medicine, so they can mix negatively with some modern medicines if taken at the same time. You should talk to your physician about it and let him/her know that you are about to do a slight detox program with fruits, veggies, and herbs. You should give him/her the ingredients (Dandelion leaf, Nettles, Plantain, Cleavers, Red Clover, Calendula, Milk Thistle, Peppermint) in the tea to make sure it doesn't counter-act with the drugs you are currently on. This is YOUR responsibility.
Do We Have to Track Our Progress?
Yes! We want you to record a short video on day 1, 60 and 120 so that we can document your progress. It's going to be important to other people who need help to see you doing the program and getting results. This day and age, it's easy to point your smart phone at yourself and hit record. We want to capture those raw and sometimes emotional moments to create change in the world. We feel that it's a nice trade off for the program being so affordable. Past programs, Kevin has charged up to $2000. We feel it's a fair deal. =)

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