December 12, 2017


When Sissi first joined the ETS120 Program she was very sick. Losing her mother and her husband within the past three years really took a toll on her health. Sissi suffered from inflammation, fibromyalgia, arthritis, transverse myelitis, stomach ulcers and memory loss. Her disease made her bowels shut down. She was on the verge of giving up, but instead she decided to take back control of her life.

With a combination of hard work and a positive attitude, Sissi graduated with great success! No more ulcers, no stomach pain and she can now pass bowels with no problems! She suffered for years with leg pain, foot pain, ankle pain, and hand pain which reduced drastically!. The rain and shower would hurt her legs in the past, now it doesn’t hurt at all. She also no longer suffers from migraines or back pain! Even her memory and skin have improved; she gets comments about how young and vibrant she looks.

As if all of this success wasn’t enough, as a bonus, she also lost 23 pounds! Sissi is off half of her medications and doses were lowered on the rest. This woman is such an inspiration! We can’t wait to see the success she gets in the Master’s Program! Congrats, Sissi, you’re an all-star!!


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