The Mission
EAT THE SUNLIGHT is a mission-based small business that helps people beat their chronic health issues. Our mission is to help 5000 sufferers find freedom by 2020 and document it all!
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Meet the Sunlight CEO
Kevin W. Reese has helped thousands of people overcome their chronic health issues through his books, seminars and innovative programs. His fun personality and captivating life-changing story has made him an attraction in the media and a sought-after health educator. Watch his story !

Take a Look at Our 3 Main Products and Figure Out What Level You're Ready For...

Medicinal Tea 
From Anxiety and Sleep to Kidneys and Lungs, browse our premium medicinally blended loose leaf herbal teas to see what blend will work for your needs. 
Starter Kit
If you don't know where to start, get Kevin's starter kit which comes with his book, a variety pack of tea, a detox masterclass and much more!
ETS120 Program
Our flagship 120 day program is helping people all over the world reclaim their health with a proven curriculum, medicinal tea and support from our coaches. 
We're Shinning the Light on People Who Have Beat Their Chronic Health Issues.

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